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April 30th Daily Links: Around the NL Central

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Pirates & Orioles rained out for 2nd straight day, will play single-admission DH on Thursday

Brewers are for real, not an April fluke, thanks to pitching

Reds closer Aroldis Chapman expected back in 7-to-10 days

Ernie Banks seeking to reunite Sammy Sosa, Cubs,0,5678646.story


MLB issues 4 suspensions after Brewers-Pirates brawl

MLB issues 4 suspensions after Brewers-Pirates brawl

Tuesday the MLB announced that 4 players – 2 Brewers and 2 Pirates – will receive suspensions for their involvement in the benches clearing brawl at PNC Park on Easter Sunday.

Martin Maldonado, the Brewers backup catcher, will be forced to sit out 5 games after he punched Pirates outfielder Travis Snider in the face. Snider will serve a 2 game suspension for his involvement in the scrum which began between Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomes and Pirates starting pitcher Gerrit Cole in the top of the 3rd inning. Gomes received a 3 game suspension.

Pirates catcher, Russell Martin, will be required to sit out 1 game for helping Snider tackle Gomez to the ground.

In addition, all 4 players must pay a fine but the amounts have not been released. The suspensions are in effect starting Tuesday night unless the players decide to appeal.

The Pirates and Brewers meet again on May 13 for a three-game series in Milwaukee.

April 19 Daily Links: Around the NL Central


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